Meet the Girls

Sandylane Birch “Birch”

Birch was born here on October 18, 2014. Her dam is Koodo and her sire is Oak.

Birch is a beautiful female, with good bone and weighs around 90 pounds. She has a wonderful calm, affectionate temperament like her parents Koodo and Oak.

Northernpaws Jabel Pine “Pine”

Pine was born on May 11, 2014. Pine came to us from Lenka Uhlova of Northernpaws Bernese. Her dam is CH. Fergie Od Zlateho Roxe and her sire is our stud Oak.

Pine is a beautiful girl with a large head, and good bone. She weighs a little over 90 pounds. Pine has the most wonderful, calm, gentle temperament.


Lily was born here on June 11, 2014. Her dam is Eva and her sire is Larix.

Lily looks very much like her sister Lilac, except that her head is larger than Lilac’s. Lily has a beautiful coat, she moves nicely like her dad Larix, and she is a great mother.


Beech was born here on August 28, 2016. Her dam is Pine and her sire is Larix.

Beech is a beautiful female with the wonderful temperament of both of her parents. She has a beautiful thick coat like Pine and her grandsire Oak. She also has the nice movement of her sire Larix.