Our Retired Dogs

Sandylane Clarity, “Clarity”

Clarity was born here on November 1, 2018. Her dam is Sandylane Birch and her sire is BigCountry’s Fir.

Clarity is a very playful female and loves to quickly sneak between the legs of anyone giving her some attention. She is around 90 pounds. Clarity is an excellent mother, just like her mother Birch.

Sandylane Aspen “Aspen”

Aspen was born here on September 12, 2018. Her dam is Windever Walnut. Her sire is CH. Sweet Laax Tasmanska Elitte, a beautiful male from Poland.

Aspen has beautiful markings like both of her parents. She has nice bone and a nice head like her sire Laax. Aspen is a calm, sweet girl.

Big Country’s Halley’s Comet, “Halley”

Halley is a Big Country girl that was born on March 3, 2016. Her dam is Big Country’s She’s So Sweet “Marley”. Her sire is Algrand Berni Diesel, “Diesel” a large boned boy out of Russia. Halley is a beautiful female with very little white on her face. She is an outgoing, strong-willed girl, but a wonderful, gentle mother.

Northernpaws Jabel Pine, “Pine”

Pine was born on May 11, 2014. Pine came to us from Lenka Uhlova of Northernpaws Bernese. Her dam is CH. Fergie Od Zlateho Roxe and her sire is our stud Oak. Pine is a beautiful girl with a large head, and good bone. She weighs a little over 90 pounds. Pine has the most wonderful, calm, gentle temperament.

Marathon On Mars Alexberns, “Brody”

Brody was born on May 18, 2016 in Ukraine. His dam is Axelle D’arcy Alexburns and his sire is Sennenhund Rossi Haiden.

Brody is an average sized, quiet male. We are very happy to have this Ukrainian pedigree to add to our diverse pedigree here at Sandylane Bernese.


Beech was born here on August 28, 2016. Her dam is Pine and her sire is Larix.

Beech is a beautiful female with the wonderful temperament of both of her parents. She has a beautiful thick coat like Pine and her grandsire Oak. She also has the nice movement of her sire Larix.

Rose Clover Lilian, “Clover”

Clover was born on December 13, 2018. Her dam is Sandylane Lily Lareva and her sire is Bigcountry’s Fir. Clover is the fourth generation here from one of our first females called Rose.

Clover is a smaller girl, weighing around 75 pounds. She has a wonderful temperament and is a great mother like Lily, Eva, and Rose. She inherited very tight hips from her sire Fir.

Sandylane Birch “Birch”

Birch was born here on October 18, 2014. Her dam is Koodo and her sire is Oak.

Birch is a beautiful female, with good bone and weighs around 90 pounds. She has a wonderful calm, affectionate temperament like her parents Koodo and Oak.


Lily was born here on June 11, 2014. Her dam is Eva and her sire is Larix.

Lily looks very much like her sister Lilac, except that her head is larger than Lilac’s. Lily has a beautiful coat, she moves nicely like her dad Larix, and she is a great mother.

Snowbiz Kain “Oak”

Oak was born on April 12, 2012. He came to us from Snowbiz Berners in North Carolina. His sire is Hallmark Van’t Stokerybos and his dam is Geneva Van’t Stokerybos. Both of his parents come from Belgium. His pedigree has many amazing European dogs.

Oak has incredible bone and a very nice head. He also has an excellent temperament.

BigCountry Cedar of Sandy Lane “Cedar”

Cedar came to us from Geraldine and Rob Brouwer of Big Country Kennels. Her dam is Forever Fashionable Altura “Fiona”, a very nice girl from Poland with a great pedigree. Her sire is Big Country’s It’s In the Bank “Broker”, a large, handsome American born boy with mostly European bloodlines.

Cedar has a beautiful head, she has an average sized female body, and weighs around 90 pounds. She is an energetic girl, she is super affectionate, and is a real wiggler like her mother.

Sandylane Lilac Lareva “Lilac”

Lilac is one of our own girls, and was born here on November 26, 2013. Her sire is Larix and her dam is Eva.

Lilac is an average size female weighing around 80 pounds. She moves very nice, and has a beautiful coat. Lilac is a calm, affectionate girl.

Sandylane Elm Willis “Elm”

Elm was born here on January 17, 2014. Her sire is Goldenbreez Mount Haggis Brute and her dam is Sandylane Winsome Willow.

Elm has the beautiful deep rust colour and dark face of her sire. She is an average size female weighing around 80 pounds. Elm is energetic, a happy wiggler, and knows all about the “Berner lean”.

Windevers Maple of Sandylane “Maple”

Maple was born on August 5, 2011. She is the grand-daughter of our first Berner. Her sire is an American boy called Windever’s Chasing the Dream. Her dam is Sandylane Westwind Nikita. Maple is a beautiful, very gentle and affectionate girl.

Calsview’s Scout Zelda “Zelda”

Zelda was born on June 7, 2011. She came to us from Mark Verkuyl of Calsview Bernese. Her dam is Windever’s Annabelle Scout “Scout”. Her sire is Windever’s Chasing The Dream “Chase”. Zelda is a great grand-daughter of our very first Bernese.

Zelda is a nice sized girl, just over 90 pounds. She is quite tall, has a good body, and a beautiful head. Zelda is a very calm, affectionate girl that would love to sit on someone’s lap for hours.


Larix was born on October 22, 2010. We are very thankful to Hans and Annemarie Bahler, of Helvetica Kennels in Quebec, for sending us this wonderful boy. His dad is Lajos V. Kopfrein, and his mom is Helvetica Fee. The ancestors of both parents are mostly European.

Larix has a wonderful temperament, and enjoys spending time with our children. He weighs around 95 pounds. Larix is a beautiful Berner, with very nice movement.

Helvetica Nyssa “Nyssa”

Nyssa was born on April 10, 2011. She came to us from Hans and Annemarie Bahler, of Helvetica Kennels in Quebec. Her dad is Lajos V. Kopfrein and her mom is Helvetica Zanelle. Nyssa gets along great with her half-brother Larix.

Nyssa is an affectionate, intelligent girl. She is around 75 pounds, has nice markings, and moves nicely.

Sandylane Reg'd Bernese Mountain Dogs